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Entry Gateway to Training & Free Guidance on Services

With List Top 10 you will instantly get connected with the UK’s Top Training Centres & also get free guidance on top service providers in the UK.

Who is List Top 10 For?

Those who need help getting entry into the UK’s professional training centres.  List Top 10 will go through all the hard work and arrange you the full package.  We will enroll you onto these training courses, organize venues for group training and provide you with 5 star accommodations.  In other hand you will get free quick knowledge in important services and products provided in the UK.


Training Centres & Courses

Get benefit from our complete package that includes reservation in suggested training centres, arranging private trainig venues, 5 star accommodations and provide you with free and important guidance.


Our professional and highly qualified instructors will train and provide you with the course completion certificates.  The courses that our professionals currently running are in the following sectors:

  1. #Plumbing & Water Regulations.
  2. #Building Constructions & Safety Courses.

There are some courses which we did not listed here yet.  Please get in touch with us if you are after a particular training courses.


Other Services

The List Top 10 Professionals review the UK’s leading top 10 product and service providers which will let newbie to make correct decision choosing the right option.

We let only experts and professionals who have knowledge about a product or a particular service provider to publish an article.


What are the Roles for Professional Writers:

  • You cannot write an article about something that you have no knowledge of.
  • You cannot write duplicate contents.
  • No abusive contents.
  • No article if it’s mainly written for link building purpose.
  • And, article should help newbies make correct decision.


What things can I really write about?

Basically, you can write about anything that isn’t against the List Top 10 roles.

How can it be proved that article is written by me?

We have a system that checks your article against those already on the net.  If the article you published isn’t duplicated from another site then we assume you as the author.

What if someone else copied my original research/article and published it?

If your research or article is already on the net and visible for the public, then we will require you to prove you’re the original author.  Once proved, the impersonator will be penalised and that blog will be removed.

How many articles can I publish?

You can write unlimited articles as far they do not breach the List Top 10 roles.


For more details please Get in touch with us.