Article Writing Your Own Way

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Article Writing Your Own Way

write article your own way to earn money
No matter within which subject your expertise are, you can still earn money from home writing articles.  As long as you are a good writer in your own field, you can earn money by writing articles to people.  Either email them the article once completed or participate in their website.

Many business or website owners know keeping their website updated will increase their website traffic, however they either have no time or can’t write good relevant articles.  This is why they hire people who can write on their behalf.

Now, in order for you to earn money writing articles in your own way, you have to find the right group of people who are in search of people like you.  Here are some websites to search for the right group of companies who are after your skill:

  • Google for example “article writing job about health and safety”.
  • Search on Facebook for communities, groups or websites about similar business that you are good at and ask them. that you are writer in the same subject.
  • Post a profile and describe your expertise on freelancing websites such as,,
  • Write an eBook and sale it online on amazon and ebay.

How much can I make writing articles?

This depends entirely on your experience, there are people who make between $2 to even $50 per single hour.

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  1. Sara says:

    I love writing articles but sometime I find it very boring, it pays anyway.

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