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Flexible Software Development – Methodology

3.1. Introduction This chapter discusses the methodologies which have been selected to base the project upon.  The chapter will provide details on how each step of the methodology was followed which form the basis for successfully completion of the overall project.  The chapter will also talk about the research methodology carried for this project.  …
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Flexible Software Development – Literature Review

2.1. Introduction This chapter represents the literature review that carried throughout this research area.  That includes brief explanation of the current study over the software architecture followed by the problem layer of the architecture (domain logic).  As well other patterns reviewed too that increase the flexibility of domain logic.  Finally, a summary would conclude this…
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Flexible Software Development – Introduction

1.1 Introduction The focus of the project is to design and implement flexible and maintainable software in order to reduce maintenance time and from reducing maintenance time get the benefit of speeding up software development process. This project report provides an overview of the project with its problem areas and indication of how to solve…
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Flexible Application Development Techniques

In this article I will show few design patterns that can help you to chose the right one.  This is one of my project on which I spent a lot of time to complete.  Its more relevant research for students to learn how to write a big project and also to select a flexible design…
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