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Psychic Energy 0

Psychic Energy

REVIEW~ The writer gave an energisation technique which can be seen as an alternative to the traditional

The Space Merchants 0

The Space Merchants


In our current day and age, consumerism is the rule for many. Following the desolation of the Second World War, the planet braced itself f… Read more...

The art of true healing 0

The art of true healing

REVIEW~ In this book, aside from maintaining health, Dr. Regardie also suggested methods for attracting desired outcomes by manipulating th… Read more...

Practical Guide to Creative Visualization 0

Practical Guide to Creative Visualization

REVIEW~ This is the better book on creative visualization than the previous ones written by more popular authors on the subject. It doesn̵… Read more...

The Secret-Law of attraction 4

The Secret-Law of attraction


Obtaining this information has truly changed my life and I am positive it could do the same for anyone. The secret teaches us about the la… Read more...

The Stars My Destination 0

The Stars My Destination


Best known as Alfred Bester’s seminal work, The Stars My Destination is famous is for two things:

1)    It pioneered the cyberpunk …

The Handmaid’s Tale 0

The Handmaid’s Tale


A bleak, biting satire of patriarchy, The Handmaid’s Tale is an oddity within science-fiction. As dystopian feminist literature, t… Read more...

The Forever War 0

The Forever War


Published in 1974, The Forever War is considered one of the greatest pieces of science-fiction literature to have ever existed. Winner … Read more...

The Road 1

The Road

10. The Road

The Road

Cormac McCarthy’s bleak masterpiece The Road is a quiet gem among post-apocalyptic stories. The two lead characters, simply kn
The Life of Pi 2

The Life of Pi

The Life of Pi

The Life Of Pi

The Life of Pi is the fable of a young Tamil boy by the name of Piscine Molitor Patel (or, “Pi”, for short). He recounts his life as
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