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Considered the top estate agent software in the market, Expert Agent is an award-winning multi-platform tool that may have you forgetting the competition in no time.

Despite being launched in 2004, Expert Agent’s history goes back a few decades. In 1977, founder Mike Griffiths began his career in estate agencies. Already a graduate in Land Management studies, Griffiths worked in volume residential sales in Leicester, Twickenham, Birmingham, and the South West. He ran an agency for an entire year.

In 1988, Griffiths took the opportunity to make a living out of developing estate agency software. He tarried alongside competitors RightMove before they became defunct in 2000. With all of his experience, he met up with former colleagues in 2003, and together, they launched Expert Agent in the following year.


For buyers and tenants:

Expert Agent is run by people who know their game. They aim to send people who register all details involving new instructions that are suitable for investors. This includes a weekly summary of all recent instructions, fresh price changes, and reminders of properties the agent has available to meet your criteria.

You’ll be able to see photographs of the property, detailed floor plans, EPCs, virtual tours (if required), entire rooms (with dimensions), the necessary particulars – and all of this before you’ve even enquired about the property!

A neat aspect of the system is the regular e-mail update, which tenants and buyers can make use of when writing notes to the agent. This helps regulate property search by allowing members to change parameters based on budget and other similar values.

For sellers and landlords:

With Expert Agent’s’ landlord and vendor login facility, members will be able to access all of the latest viewing bookings, along with feedback. Other viewing options include the latest numbers for website hits, match sends, and anything else through devices connected to the Internet.

Landlords are privileged to obtain information about their in-progress tenancies this way and whenever needed.

Getting the word out in the streets is not difficult with Expert Agent. Sellers or landlords can instruct an Expert Agent member and they’ll be able to get all property details onto the main portals. Why stop there? The member can publish it on their own websites, and out to potential purchasers and tenants in an e-mail, in no time flat.

Take note: some feeds may be hourly or overnight depending on the particular agent’s set up.

Main Features

  • Pre-designed themes: Expert Agent offers a wide-range of “property portfolios” for all users. Choosing from a range of responsive, user-friendly themes has never been easier. A website can even be renewed every two years. Website features include: map feature, image properties, keyword search, mortgage calculators, and much more.
  • Automatic SMS: Expert Agent sends out an automatic SMS reminder to interested applicants two hours prior to a viewing, effectively lowering the number of ‘no-shows’. And I’m sure we all despise the ‘no-shows’. Also, if they’re going to be late, make use of the free time by getting back to some work through Expert Agent’s mobile support.
  • Diaries with extra valuation: The 2000+ members of Expert Agent typically refer over 3000 sales valuation leads – in a month – between themselves. It’s seamless, automatic, and it works substantially.
  • Social media: Expert Agent lets you post all new instructions to Facebook or Twitter with a simple mouse click. The software will help you add a free property search on your Facebook page, allowing all of your properties to be displayed. Potential applicants can search for property, register with Expert Agent and even sign in to edit their requirements.
  • Designed by agents: Expert Agent’s team is composed of 30+ ex-agents, former letting agents, and some accountants. They know their ASTs from their NRLs, and their negs from their vals.

Customer Support

In 2014, Expert Agent won the ESTAS annual award for Supplier of The Year, for the second year running. This is mostly due to their first-class customer service.

Simon Brown, owner of the ESTAS, remarked that “winning one of these gleaming ESTAS this afternoon proves that your people can be trusted….just taking part shows your commitment to your customers.”

Expert Agent is all about the customer service. Their training courses are free, and can be sat as many times as the member wants. In addition, a dedicated account manager and Expert Agent’s wonderful support team strives to work long hours (including weekends and, fortunately enough, bank holidays) to keep everything in order.

Average Package Cost

Price: A demo is available to test the software out. Beyond that a reasonable one-off payment of £350 (£545.30), followed by a mere 24 monthly payments of £75 (£116.85), will get you a Responsive Pre-Design website from Expert Agent.

If it sounds intimidating, be assured, the £75 for 24 months is rational: It will cover the website hosting and add up to 15x (optional) mailboxes, with preferred hosting partners.

When the 24 months come to an end, you can register for another 24 months of £75, and therefore attain the opportunity to choose a new pre-design theme from Expert Agent’s collection. They do their best to keep it updated.

Alternatively, members can keep the same theme, and downgrade to £15 per month, just for the hosting and e-mail. There’s also the choice to to source a new website elsewhere, and stop all payments.


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