Fifty Shades of Grey (2011)

Fifty Shades of Grey (2011)

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Perhaps one of the most controversial novels in the last ten years, E L James’ Fifty Shades of Grey tells the rather erotic story of Anastasia ‘Ana’ Steele, a University senior, and her affiliation with Christian Grey, a young entrepreneur with a steady body of wealth behind him. The novel is noteworthy for its scenes of explicit scenes featuring elements of bondage/discipline, dominance/submission and BDSM. The book is part of the Fifty Shades trilogy, the two other books being Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Free. The series is a best-seller with over 70 million copies being sold worldwide, with book rights sold in 37 countries.

Despite the success, Fifty Shades of Grey has been heavily criticized for being a badly written and its notorious origin as a fan-fiction based on the Twilight series of vampire novels. Some positive criticism was directed at the book being more enjoyable than other erotic books out there, and for being soft without going too far in its description of the BDSM sex acts.

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