Final Cut Pro

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Final Cut Pro

the radical redesign, while decried by many, introduces a faster, cleaner editing experience. it is accessible to users wishing to graduate from consumer-level editors such as iMovie.

this software is only available on Mac computers. A tool as powerful as this should be a cross platform application.


Final cut pro is a non-linear video editing software developed by Macromedia Inc. and later Apple Inc. Apple’s revamped video editing software boasts speedier performance, a friendlier interface, auditions for alternate clips, good organization tools, powerful new multi cam support and support for both Thunderbolt and studio-monitor output.

Key features:

The most recent version, Final Cut Pro X 10.1, runs on Intel-based Mac OS computers powered by OS X version 10.9 or later. The software allows users to log and transfer video onto a hard drive (internal or external), where it can be edited, processed, and output to a wide variety of formats.

Work with 3D Videos:

Final cut pro supports 3d video editing using another software stereo 3D toolbox.

Drag and drop:

  • You can drag-and-drop in final cut po.
  • This method involves dragging a clip directly to the Timeline to make an edit.


  • Automatically saps the clips into place.
  • It also adjusts clips automatically as you move clips around on the timeline.
  • Moving clips with transitions is now much easier.

Playback and effects:

  • Create optimized media for multicam clips: final cut pro automatically transcode multicam clip video to the Apple Pores 422 codec, which provides better performance during editing and faster render times.
  • If a frame drops, stop playback and warn:  Final Cut Pro warn you when frames are dropped during playback.
  • If frames drop due to disk performance, warn after playback: Final Cut Pro warn you if frames were dropped specifically because of hard disk performance.
  • Preview effects to see how they look with your footage before applying them.
  • Change the look of titles, transitions, and effects using intuitive controls.
  • Control effects with precision using a key frame editor that appears directly in the timeline.
  • Adjust the Ken Burns effect with simple onscreen arrows for start and end points.

System requirements:

  • OSX v10.9 or later
  • 4GB Of RAM
  • 3.5GB of disk space

Average package cost:

  • Final cut pro cost $300



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