Flexible Application Development Techniques

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Flexible Application Development Techniques

In this article I will show few design patterns that can help you to chose the right one.  This is one of my project on which I spent a lot of time to complete.  Its more relevant research for students to learn how to write a big project and also to select a flexible design pattern.

Most software developers spend more time maintaining software and responding to change than writing original code.  However, in-appropriate original code designs can make the application much harder to adapt and keep in step with organisational needs.

Thus the goal of this project is to investigate what software flexibility and maintainability means and how software will be developed that can reduce maintenance time.

DON’T FALL ASLEEP: at the end of this project you will learn:

  • How to write a huge project
  • What design patterns to chose when building an application, can be either desktop or web base.
  • If you’er a student select this layout and you have 90 percent chance of getting A in your project.


To read everything in right order go to table of contents -:)