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Considered one of the best accounting software out there, FreshBooks’ simple interface makes it one of the most liberating platforms for bookkeepers everywhere. Hours of work are whittled down and the accountant can work away from their desk and through their mobile. A multiple award winner, FreshBooks has been celebrated for its outstanding customer service, numerous payment gateway support, streamlined interface, and its innovative, free features such as client portals. Among the accolades, TopTenREVIEWS awarded FreshBooks its Gold Award, and it currently ranks as #1 on the review site’s top 10 accounting software.

Main Features

User-Friendly Interface FreshBooks allows for the speedy and hassle-free creation of branded invoices within minutes. An estimate can be converted into an invoice within two clicks of a mouse, and payment could be made quicker by accepting it online.

Android and iOS Support Free support for Apple or Android mobiles comes in the form of the FreshBooks app. The mobile software can create invoices, track both expenses and time, and manage timesheets from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. A Blackberry app is also available from a third party developer.

Account Types

FreshBooks inclusion of the Seedling, the introductory paid account, is most suitable for those who manage a small amount of customers, as it limits the task to one user and 25 clients. Other accounts include: the Evergreen account, which supports an unlimited number of clients and five users; the Mighty Oakaccount, which supports unlimited clients, and gives the option of additional at $10 (£6) each per month.

The Mighty Oak version is the definitive subscripition choice to manage project managers, team timesheets, and team expense reporting.

Account Access Management
FreshBooks also allows you to utilize account access and security. For example, you can set the permission levels for administrators, staff members, and clients themselves. FreshBooks will permit users to assign specific clients to staff members so that they can only access particular client information.
Multiple Payment Gateways
FreshBooks can help the user receive payments online via gateways such as PayPal,, Braintree and 2CO.
Compatible eCommerce tools that FreshBooks can sync to include Shopify, osCommerce, Magento, and Zen Cart.
Pros and Cons
– Simple-to-use user-interface. Books can be kept effortlessly, payment is swift, preparation for tax time is short and less time is spent at the desk.
– Extensive mobile tools. Work can be carried over elsewhere, with the same relative short span of time.
– Snail-mail invoicing. Invoices can be sent to customers using postal mail, thus saving money and allowing payment to be made fast.
– Exceptional customer service. Six Stevie Awards were swept away by FreshBooks employees at Las Vegas for their customer service etiquette. Extensive training is given to employees to deliver a mind-blowing experience whenever an issue or error occurs.
– A major flaw is that Freshbooks is not made to manage large volumes of inventory.
– Also it can’t manage complex vendor and purchase-order situations.
£19.95 per month.


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