Fujifilm X100S Camera

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Fujifilm X100S Camera

(Top#03) Fujifilm X100S Camera

Its amount may be high but the X100S has the charisma and charm to make people suspend their rational judgement. The gorgeous retro design closely resembles its little sibling, the Fujifilm X20, but manages to look even more handsome in its slightly larger body.

Current Price: £809.00

Make: Fujifilm

Model: X100S


·         Hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder

·         Super high ISO image quality

·         35mm wide-angle field of view

·         Fast f/2 lens.

·         Good control layout

·         Fast focus

·         Continuous shooting at 5fps

·         X-Trans image sensor

·         Wide-angle adapter available


·       Lens suffers from edge softness

·        Macro shots at wide apertures have a soft-focus look

·        Video is not that good

·       No image stabilization


Fujifilm X100S’s retro exterior is a modern and full featured digital camera that is affordable and can easily compete with today’s cameras.

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