Highest Paid Job-Dentist (general)

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Highest Paid Job-Dentist (general)

(top#06) Dentist (general)
Salary: £50,000 – £80,000

Dentists are doctors that focus on the treatment of all things within the oral cavity, most commonly the teeth and tissues surrounding the teeth. The field is broken down into many specialties; general dentists treat patients of all ages and in addition to treating existing issues focus heavily on patient teaching regarding preventive measures like oral hygiene and diet.

Study years:

To become a dentist in the UK one will have to commit up to 10 years into education. Two of these will be for getting top GCSE results then another two for getting top A Level results. One then has to undertake dental school training for five years and another year in vocational training. Finally you will sit for the UK clinical aptitude test (UKCAT) where on successful completion will qualify you to apply for a job as a dentist.

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  1. Jasim says:

    The highest paid job could have been dentist almost last ten years ago but now everyone sees IT industries pays more compare to the dentist jobs. also it takes over 5 years to get a degree in medical whereas in own business you can make too much in 5 years.

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