Highest Paid Job-Orthodontist

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Highest Paid Job-Orthodontist

(top#04) Orthodontist
Salary: £30,000-£140,000

Orthodontists are specialized dentists focusing on the prevention and treatment of irregularities in the teeth, jaw relationships, and facial structure around the mouth. They’re responsible for prescribing and applying braces, retainers, and other corrective medical devices as well as performing cosmetic treatments to enhance physical appearance, such as closing unsightly gaps between teeth.

Study years:

In the United Kingdom, this training period lasts three years, after completion of a membership from a Royal College. A further two years is then completed to train to consultant level, after which a fellowship examination from the Royal College is sat. In other parts of Europe, a similar pattern is followed. It is always worth contacting the professional body responsible for registering orthodontists to ensure that the orthodontist you wish to consult is a recognised specialist.

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