How Much Trafficmonsoon Pays

This is an update in regarding Traffic Monsoon that we received on the 27th of July 2016.  PayPal released the frozen Payments of Traffic Monsoon but unfortunately the money were frozen by the USA’s Financial Regulation Authority (SEC).   
For any further details please refer to this SEC report before joining Traffic Monsoon.

There are over 100 traffic exchange websites and only few are involved with revenue sharing activities but the one which pays the most, has revenue sharing option and received a huge online reputation is Traffic Monsoon.  In very short time it has been ranked number one traffic exchange network on the web.

Founded on the 3rd of August 2014 and owned by “Charles Scoville“.  The company is based in Utah: 4927 Murray Blvd Z9 Murray, UT 84123 and it’s contact telephone number is 001-877-644-6714, the opening time is “Mon-Fri 9:00am – 6:00pm Eastern Time“.

Based on analysis picked from various ranking websites and search engines, I have collected and calculated the following details for Traffic Monsoon:

Online Analysis of Trafficmonsoon

This is an up to date analysis that shows the online reputation of Traffic Monsoon worldwide based on the number of visits to the website.  The following Traffic Monsoon graph is auto generated every single minute:

Alexa Traffic Monsoon visitors graph

What does this Trafficmonsoon Graph explains?
It says an estimate of Trafficmonsoon site’s popularity.  “The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to this site and pageviews on this site over the past 3 months.” [Alexa Traffic Rank]

How Much Money Traffic Monsoon Pays?

First of all let me say I should have said “How Traffic Monsoon Works” but I am sure you know why didn’t I start from “How it Works”, nowadays readers like jumping to the section where the word “MONEY” is mentioned.
Earning money through Traffic Monsoon depends entirely on how cleaver and smart you work.  Meanwhile Traffic Monsoon pays you in the following different ways:
  1. You earn through “Cash Links” between $1.20 to $2.00 per hour
  2. Earn 100% commission through referral’s “Cash Links”, $1.20 to unlimited depends on number of referrals
  3. Earn 10% residual from buying “AdPacks with Sharing”, for example if you purchased 10 packages you will earn $10 per day for 50 days including 10% profit.  
  4. Earn from your referral AdPacks, you will earn residual income from each single pack that your referral purchases 
Now lets do a simple maths based on maximum 10 referrals.  Bare in mind anyone can find 10 people in a month or at least in whole year OR lets say you will always have 10 people and never can refer more than 10 people to your Traffic Monsoon website.
Assume each person buy for the first time at least 20 AdPacks, your first day commission will be: $1000 income from first 20 packs purchase.  
You will keep earning each time your referral compounds.  From the commission received into your account, you should be able to buy 20 more AdPacks.  The 20 extra AdPacks means $20 daily income to you.  Keep reading to find out how Compounding works in Traffic Monsoon Ads sharing revenue.
Here is an account of a person that I personally know who earned so far $815.00 from only 3 active referrals since 23rd Dec 2015 until the 24th of Jan 2016.
trafficmonsoon earning from 3 referrals only
 Now assume you have 20 or the following number of referrals, then this is how much you expect to earn on Trafficmonsoon:
Huge earning from trafficmonsoon
I wouldn’t take your breath away by keep showing you more and more numbers instate I will explain you how trafficmonsoon works and how you can earn big passive income.

How Traffic Monsoon Works?

Trafficmonsoon uses a very simple traffic exchange software that has been used by many only advertising companies for years.


#Tip One:
You need to be a member before doing anything else.  If you like to join trafficmonsoon you may click on join trafficmonsoon.  To join you need a valid email address and you shouldn’t use Hotmail but instate Gmail is recommended.  Do not ask me the reason.


#Tip Two
Next, you need to learn how to earn money with trafficmonsoon’s Cash Links?  You can either buy AdPacks to earn more money or just earn few $dollars with a free account.  If you do not like investing/buying AdPacks, then use Cash Links to generate money.
On Traffic Monsoon each Cash Link has different value starting from $0.005 to maximum $0.02 per view.  You basically, click on Cash Link and then wait for 5 seconds to maximum 1 minute depends on the value of Cash Link.  Once that amount of time expired you then just earned the value of the Cash Link clicked.


#Tip Three
Earn money on trafficmonsoon through your referral Cash Links.  Once you referred someone to trafficmonsoon you will keep earning from his/her Cash Link clicks.  Currently trafficmonsoon gives away 100% commission from referral Cash Links.


#Tip Four
Earn money with trafficmonsoon by buying AdPacks with sharing ONLY.  Basically you need to create an advert first, on the website it tells you how to create one.  Then you assign AdPack credit to the advert you just created by clicking on “Buy AdPacks”.  Depends on how many packs you purchased, you will get $1 per single AdPack as long as the pack is active or in the system.  After almost 50 – 60 days your AdPack will be removed from their system.


#Tip Five
Bring as many referral to your trafficmonsoon profile as you can.  Each time they purchase AdPack you will earn $5 from their purchase.   Now guess if your referral buys just 5 packs and you referred too many of such people, wow this will reach to even 5 figure $dollar amount.


#Most Important Tip
Teach yourself and your referrals how to compound on trafficmonsoon to double or triple your AdPacks in short time?  Compounding on trafficmonsoon means each time your balance reaches $50 you should buy another AdPack and the number of your packs will increase.  More AdPacks means more daily income.
Watch the following video from one of the members that shows how to earn more on trafficmonsoon.


I hope the information that I shared is sufficient enough to date.  Please share me your thoughts on this.

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13 Responses

  1. nadany says:

    Thanks for sharing the useful article. Is it work for India as
    well, I mean can I use this website in India


    • Reporter says:

      Yes you can, as far as I know their in every country where PayPal or Payza payment processors are.

      • nadany says:

        Sorry to ask again, in one of the youtube videos it was saying do not use paypal and instate use payza payment system, why is not paypal most people hold paypal accounts?

        • Reporter says:

          No problem. Paypal charges more than other payment systems. Each time when you purchase Paypal will charge you 3.9% transaction fee and even when you send money from your Traffic Monsoon account Paypal will still charge you few percentage.

          Beside this, Traffic Monsoon will have it’s own bank where it’s members will save more than they imagined. Have a look at this video from the owner of the Traffic Monsoon about their bank:

  2. ahmad yhia says:

    Wow really trafficmonsoon pays too much money just for clicks on add

  3. Mobe says:

    I just came from another site who were also talking about trafficmonsoon but this is up to date thanks for the information. i will be lucky to reach that number of referral in even a year time I can’t wait.

  4. Jabir says:

    I have a quesiton, from the trafficmonsoon account balances at the top how come one earned from 3 referrals $815 but the other one from 242 referrals earned $49618. Isn’t the 242 referral one should add up to $65,74?.

    • Reporter says:

      Hi Jabir, I don’t know where your formula came from. The calculation is based on each referrals purchases which you will never know how much each person invested. Only the owner of the account can tell you how much each person spent.

  5. Nat says:

    it really pays. I just received $100 into my payza account which I requested over few days ago but eventually I got it. please let know if there is any other similar kind of website who pays too.

  6. Rodney says:

    I heard about trafficmonsoon many times but never knew where to start and how they pay. Mr Reporter, you said when your balance reached $50 you have to buy another pack and your packs will increase. Isn’t your packs will expire after certain amount of time then once expired your pack volume will decrease isn’t that right?

    • Reporter says:

      Hi Rodney, you don’t have to buy but in order to increase your income you need to either have too many referrals or keep compound from the balance that you receive through your sharing.

      Yes the quantity of your packs will drop but you will still have much more than what you had initially.

  7. Ravi says:

    Traffic Monsoon stopped paying revenue shares since last 5 days.

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