The Secret-Law of attraction

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The Secret-Law of attraction


Obtaining this information has truly changed my life and I am positive it could do the same for anyone. The secret teaches us about the law of attraction, how the power of your mind can control everything that comes into you existence. It’s simple, if you cloud your mind with negative thoughts then that is what you will allow into your life, and if you think positively, then you will manifest positive.

The Secret law of attraction

I know one of the first thing most people will say is how can one be positive all the time in such a negative world and the truth is this takes practice like everything else. Using the secret involves visualisation. Visualising what you want and knowing it will manifest. This could be whatever you want, the sky is the limit. When you visualise what you want you must be clear in your mind what you want. You must be 100% clear! When you are clear in your mind about your goals you want to achieve you must do things

yourself to work towards this goal but have no doubt that using the secret (law of attraction) will move the unseen things in place to make it happen for you. Don’t worry about how the things will happen, a power far greater than us will take control of that. Our job is just to believe.

A great way of applying the secret is to write things down that you want to happen. I have proven this technique myself by putting it to the test. Along with visualisation, writing things down sends it out into the universe and move the unseen into place to give you what you desire. When writing about what you want it is important to state something you are happy and grateful about first and foremost. Your wish note could be something like this-:

  • I am happy and grateful for my ………add whatever your grateful for………
  • I now want ………add whatever you wish to manifest
  • Thank you!
  • Always show gratitude.
  • Here are some tips to remember when practicing the secret on a daily basis:-
  • meditation
  • Rise above narrow mindness and pettiness.
  • Ask and it shall be given u
  • Seek and you shall findeth
  • Knock and it shall be openth to u
  • For everyone that asketh recieveth
  • He that seeketh findeth

The 3 main aspects of the Secret

Love Health Wealth


Finding love by the law of attract is quite simple. You must love yourself first of all, having the utmost respect for yourself. I mean if one has no love for themselves how on earth are you going to give love to another person. When you love yourself it then emits into the universe attracting love to you. Not saying to be totally self-obsessed that can give the wrong impression to others, but instead love yourself and never settle for less than you know you are worth. Feeling good about yourself is

very important in attracting the right love into your life. Remember feeling good attracts more good feelings, feeling bad attracts, yes you guessed it, more situations for you to feel bad about. It’s that simple.

When one finds love it is important to focus on the best qualities in your partner and this will give you more of their good qualities. It’s important to remember that no one is perfect so it’s crucial to find the good in that person and focus on that.


Health is one of the most important things to mankind. Wealth is no good if you’re not healthy enough to enjoy it. Using the law of attraction to obtain health is very important. Health like most things can be affected by your mind frame. For example if you are stressed

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a lot of the time it can cause all kinds of illnesses. However when one lives a more happy bubbly lifestyle they tend to get ill a lot less than the stressful individual. Meditating and clearing your mind every now again is a good way to achieve health along with other things you want to manifest into your life. This is true because when you

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meditate and clear you mind you then have the capacity to focus on good health. Whist meditating repeat in your mind that you are healthy and that you want continuous health. You must clear your mind of all sickness and diseases.

Focusing on perfect health is quite simply the easiest thing one can do regardless of the hardship or stresses of life. Repeating in your mind that you are healthy and how grateful you are for your health.


The secret to wealth follows the exact same

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principle as the secret to health.

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You must tell yourself you are wealthy. Be clear in your mind that you are wealthy and wealth will come to you by the law of attraction. One way of attracting more money into your life is by using physical paper notes. When you get any money at all always make sure the notes are always positive side up signalling to the universe to send you more money. This does not mean you don’t need to work

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at all to accumulate the wealth you want in your life. It simply means while you work for what you want using the law of attraction, believe in yourself and using the faith and hope that was instilled in us at birth to attract wealth into our reality.

  • As he believe so shall it be done onto you.
  • For every action there is an equal amount of reaction
  • We become what we think about!
  • Save 10% of every dollar you earn.
  • Action, ideas are worthless unless you act on them.
  • true faith and positive action

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