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When your accounting software’s tagline is “All small business accounting software sucks, we just suck the least.” don’t be surprised to find that your customers will hold a more negative stance towards you. LessAccounting is perhaps one of the most basic accounting software out there.

LessAccounting virtually lacks mobile support, in fact, the user must access their account through their mobile phone’s web browser. It also lacks the ability to track time, tasks or projects.

LessAccounting is more suited to smaller businesses and freelancers, such as photographers and designers. Nevertheless, this handicap results in less tedious routine accounting.

Main Features

Simple User-Friendly Interface

LessAccounting is designed to cater to all kinds of traditional accounting tasks in a simplified manner to help relieve the user’s frustration, along with limiting the time spent on tedious tasks. The colour coded interface and small amount of tabs will keep the workflow moving. To add to the last point, the software will automatically autofill any clients.


LessAccounting comes with a distinctive little feature that allows the user to log trips and mileage expense. When tax season is upon us, the accountant will have a little extra saved up when they become conscious of how much they use when they travel.

Import Data

This software easily integrates with thousands of national US banks and a considerable few hundred international banks. Worldwide currency and exchange is at the user’s fingertips. LessAccounting also allows QIF and QFX file uploads.


A bit more than just an address book, LessAccounting’s contact management features gives accountants a handy CRM, to help keep track of all clients and contacts in their records. The user is able to import their address books from sites such as Highrise, Basecamp, Gmail, and other web applications.

Pros and Cons


  • The sheer simplicity of the software.
  • The mileage feature is for the environmentally-friendly startups.
  • There is no limit on the amount of invoices or businesses listed for one dashboard.


  • Way too basic for serious startups.
  • No mobile apps.
  • Few contact details for customer support.
  • The package cost per month for a typical business is a bit steep, given the program’s basic set-up.


$20 (roughly £12) per month for freelancers. $36 (roughly £21) per month for businesses.


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