LG G2 Smart Phone

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LG G2 Smart Phone

(top#8) LG G2 Smart Phone

LG has made a phone that not only impressed us but ran the HTC One very, very close for the top spot. LG G2 got an insanely good screen, quality camera, the best audio pumping out from its speakers and headphone jack and so much more. The power and volume buttons being placed on the rear. These aren’t ideal, but the ability to knock on the screen makes it really easy to interact with this impressive device.
LG G2 Smart Phone

LG G2 Specifications

  • Fastest quad core snapdragon 800 2.3 ghz processor,
  • Camera is takes fantastic pictures
  • Longest battery life
  • LG software is really good
  • Screen is huge and tiny bezel
  • Allow 24 bit music

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