Olympus SH-21 Camera

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Olympus SH-21 Camera

(Top#04) Olympus SH-21

A great inexpensive choice, the Olympus SH-21 is well suited to travellers who need a versatile snapper that feels like it could take a knock. The well thought-out quick-access menus are a boon. All in all, it’s a great little package.

Current Price: £85.99
Make: Olympus
Model: SH-21


·       Very low Price

·        Menu

·       Video mode

·       Good image quality


·       Touch snap system

·       Detail reduction due to camera processing

·       Noise

·       Lens suffers from edge softness


Olympus SH-21 is a good camera for its low price with latest technology.

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  1. Nany says:

    I had this camera for very long time and never seen any problem with it. I love it guys thanks.

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