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Restaurant EPOS Software

Restaurant EPOS System

After going through installation and usage of a vast amount of EPOS Systems for Restaurants and Takeaways, we had to pick and decide an EPOS Software for Restaurants based on the following features and options required by the most restaurant types of businesses:

Important EPOS Features for Restaurants


The comparison was based on how easy the restaurant EPOS system features are including the layout, color schema, and accessibility.  So, we had to pick one is user-friendly and easy to learn and that is ebmbook epos.  The Ebmbook EPOS for Restaurant software was a choice we made after navigating through different screens and most of the features were easy to understand and most importantly, everything was clearly visible only a few clicks were required to take actions such as placing an order, checking reports etc.



No company prefers making a customer wait longer unnecessarily to be served. The speed and efficiency of an EPOS for Restaurant is an important aspect should be expected from the EPOS software.  The computer in which we carried performance test was a laptop with a minimum spec.  The laptop had 2 GB Ram with Core 2 Duo processor.  The Ebmbook EPOS software was still performing well despite loading the system with over 200 restaurant menu items.  The features such as adding new items, taking orders, adding or updating customer details and generating report were still running smoothly without issues.


Security & Privacy

Restaurant owners should have in mind if their EPOS  is not secured then most likely the earning might fall below the actual amount or even their earning report might get shared one day on social sites, authorities or competitors without their consent. We run through all those epos companies and majorities had access to their client data.  So, in this case, the Ebmbook EPOS for Restaurant is still a good choice.  The Ebmbook EPOS has very high-level security while still maintaining the user-friendliness of their software. It lets admin create employee types with different permissions, block or unblock employee access to certain areas of the Ebmbook EPOS system.


Ease of Taking Orders

It’s suggested to take as less as possible steps taking orders in order to increase profitability.  The Ebmbook EPOS for Restaurant has all the menu items on the first screen after you logged in.  This making it simple for even new employees to find an item that they’re looking for. You just click on an item and it adds to the order list.


Order Assigning & Markers

Assume you have a busy restaurant with options for delivery and many tables then there should be a solution in the EPOS for Restaurant software to eliminate this problem. The Ebmbook EPOS lets you create as many as possible table numbers and assigning an order to the table number.  Also, mark order for delivery or even collection.


Managing Menu Items

It should be easy even to a none computer expert to add, delete or change restaurant menu item without any technical help from experts.  The Ebmbook EPOS for Restaurant has this feature that can be accessed from the main screen.


Management Report

Restaurant owners should be able to see not just end of day report but also daily, weekly, monthly as well as a report on which employee or waiter is serving customers quickly.  So, the Ebmbook EPOS for Restaurant is delivering this promise.  This can be accessed from the dashboard.


Data Backup

No-one likes losing their earning report or their time adding all their menu items again onto their EPOS software. Data Backup as well as restore menu items, orders record, employee list and most importantly customer data should be saved somewhere either on the same machine or somewhere else in case the hardware breaks up.  The ebmbook has data backup and restore feature.


Caller ID

Taking order with ease over the phone is also a very crucial aspect for a restaurant business.  The Ebmbook EPOS for Restaurant has this feature and can be activated from their Settings section.


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