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Paris, France

Review As one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, Paris continues to inspire the hearts and minds of people the world over. Its golden stone facades and timeless monuments have stood the test of time.  Its grand palaces and ancient walls remain as relics of a bygone era marked by strife, class warfare and…
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Istanbul, Turkey

Review Istanbul is the capital, and largest city, in Turkey. It’s among the 25 largest urban areas in the world. Located on the Bosporus Strait, Istanbul is spread over the entire area of the Golden Horn – itself a natural harbor. It’s the only metropolis on the planet where East meets West in a literal way – its large size means…
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Al Maha Desert Resort

Review Ever since establishing itself on the world stage of  business, the city-state of Dubai has attracted different kinds of people, from American entrepreneurs looking to set up shop, to British expats attempting to escape the cloudy isles for a more temperate nation. Say what you will about the Emirates and there is much to…
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The Milestone Hotel

Review This beautiful establishment takes its name from the old cast iron milestone that stands beside the hotel. Notable residents of the apartments include a man who believed himself to be the grandson of William Shakespeare, a mistress of King James II, and an aristocratic governess to the daughters of George II. The original dwelling…
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