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An online directory of TV channels and Videos. Hit TV Channels brings television channels from all over the world which are broadcasted online. Various types of TV Channels are watched from here such as movies, music, news, children, politics, sport, educational and many more kind of channels and tends to pick the most watched and famous online televisions.

The televisions aren’t just brought from a single country or a single continent nonetheless their broadcasted from all over the world over 100 countries. The countries and continents covered are Europe, South America, North America, Africa, Asia, The Middle East such as Arab countries, China, Afghanistan, India, Russia, UK, France and many more countries of the world.

Over thousands television channels are available to be watched from Hit TV Channels and why subscribe to pay for a television channel while there are plenty of TV Channels available that can be watched from for free.


Collected Online Hit Videos

Collected Online Hit Videos! Online collected Hit Videos like most recent trailers, hit movie videos, musics, up to date news and many other type of hit videos of any a-z countries.

How Online Videos Are Collected?

Our system is designed to collect up to date and most popular videos from various online search engines and video sites. We provide video rating options to each individual video and we keep the rating under observation on daily basis. Any inappropriate videos will be removed either by us or automatically by our system.


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