What is Fort Ad Pays

Important Update – we were informed as of June 2016 FordAdsPay stopped paying to it’s members.  Members see various messages such as ‘This Payment Processor isn’t available yet’, admin isn’t paying on weekends and so on.

Its adverts sharing website that you use to buy adverts for as little as $1 per advert and in 100 days you will receive 220% of the total you spent which is 120% profit.

Fort Ad Pays might sound a Ponzi scheme but it really pays to its members since released.  Here is an informative video about Fort Ad Pays:

About Fort Ad Pays

Fort Ad Pays founded in November 2014 and owned by “Fort Marketing Group Inc” Pedro Fort whose also the founder of this company.  Fort Marketing Group Inc has several offices around the world but it’s main head department is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Pedro Fort

Pedro Fort – the Owner of the Fort Ad Pays


Fort Ad Pays is considered one of the highest paid revenue sharing websites.

Online Analysis of Fort Ad Pays

This is an up to date analysis that shows the online reputation of Fort Ad Pays worldwide based on the number of visits to the website.  The following fortadpays graph is auto generated every single day:

Alexa fortadpays visitors graph


What does this fortadpays Graph explains?

It says an estimate of Fort Ad Pays site’s popularity.  ”The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to this site and pageviews on this site over the past 3 months.” [Alexa Traffic Rank]
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How much I can earn with Fort Ad Pays?

This depends entirely on you.  The more you invest the higher you will earn and also the more people you refer to fortadpays the higher your residual income will be.
  1. Earning with PTC – No Investment Required:  The income through clicking ads might be less but it’s best for those not like investing.  It’s called View PTC Ads, click on “Earn Money” which is located under main menu “Advertisements”.  
  2. Buying Advertisements with Sharing Revenue:  You can buy ads starting from $1 per share in the company and keep compounding with the same amount that you purchased in order to double your earnings.    In order to stay qualified for this and get your earnings, you need to click or surf minimum of 4 ads per day.  
  3. Group Earning from Multiple Levels: With Fort Ad Pays you can earn commissions up to 10 level deep in your team.  You will earn the following percentage of commissions:
    • Level 1: 8% 
    • Level 2: 4%
    • Level 3: 2%
    • Level 4 – Level 10: 1% 
Registration is free and simple, to register click the following link:

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  1. Ravi says:

    So far better than Traffic Monsoon. fortadpays website pays a huge percentage of share and I am hoping this doesn’t collapse like every other revenue sharing websites.

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