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WinREO Software


WinREO (Real Estate Office) is a capable tool for managing both traditional real estate and REO (Real Estate Owned) transactions. WinREO’s ease of use comes through its preset tasks and rules for all sales types. The software was developed by a small number of leading real estate agents and brokers. To work with WinREO, simply add your users and clients with their fluent set-up wizard, and you’re ready to discover the software’s power.


The best thing about investing in WinREO is the lack of paying additional fees for new features. The software is regularly updated by its creators, enhancing the user experience and leaving relaxed bank accounts in its wake.

The WinREO group also offers free training on top of everything. Various webinar courses are available and can be joined at anytime.

Main Features

  • Automated Task Generation:  WinREO is built mainly as an intelligent tasking software. It generates linked tasks, which are based on property and sales types. Other criteria on the list includes data entered, completed tasks, and customisable client rules.
  • User and Property-Specific Calenders: The software’s calender system provides every reference for upcoming meetings, deadlines, and more. Normal users will see their own items, whilst administrators can view the entire brokerage.
  • Integrated e-mail: Syncing your e-mail address is a cinch. By doing so, the user will be able to access both WinREO and their messages on one platform.
  • Detailed reports: WinREO’s reports thin out data from all listed properties, resulting in quicker reference. BPO changes are tracked over time. Comparing all offers on a property and checking the status of properties can be accomplished from just one page.
  • Cloud uploads: Property photos, loan approval letters, upload support – you name it, WinREO can do it. It’s all within arm’s reach. Lesser delays and a wall of back-up data is at your command.
Customer Support
The WinREO team suggests using the installation wizard to set-up the user’s environment. On the other hand, a company’s existing data (entered with spreadsheets), can be moved into WinREO by the team themselves, free of charge. They aim to have you in action by at least two business days.
As soon as you’ve signed up, contact WinREO for complimentary phone training.
Average Package Cost
WinREO offers a free trial (14 days). This period will convert into $39.95 (around £25.50) a month, beginning with a $199.00 (£127.00) set-up fee. This can be cancelled at any time up to that point.


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