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Cloud accounting is becoming increasingly popular, and software such as Yendo is reaping the rewards of this age. A fairly simplistic program, Yendo is designed more for managing a sales team and customer communication, as it cannot manage a large inventory. The online accounting introductory package is able to support around 500 emails per month and unlimited invoices.


Simple User-Interface

Yendo comes with a basic, clean interface that can manage most common accounting tasks such as the creation of invoices, reports, tracking expenses and management of cash flow. Yendo will also provide annual and monthly budgets based on actual spending trends by the user.

Key Information Management

Yendo comes with full double-entry bookkeeping. Yendo can manage contact information, as well as other essentials, including company logos, bank data, social media names and status. The bulk emailing tool can send out quick mass emails; the Enterprise+ version can send out a staggering 20,000 emails per month.

Different Versions

Yendo can help users support more than one business. The standard version supports a maximum of five companies, whereas the Enterprise+ version can support an unlimited amount of companies and users. Both versions support unlimited invoices. Yendo ties bulk e-mailing into its service offerings, making it valuable to those who want to send out newsletters or marketing materials to a long client list.

Worldwide Currencies

Refusing to restrict itself to US dollars, Yendo is an international venture. The software is compatible with various world currencies, including unusual kinds such as the Somali shilling.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple user-interface that can handle most necessary tasks.
  • Yendo can create annual and monthly budgets based on the user’s spending trends.
  • Worldwide currencies. Compatible with various international currency types.
  • Can be accessed anywhere and at anytime through an internet connection.
  • Mobile support.
  • Yendo is not designed to manage a lot of inventory or users.
  • The software offers little integrations, such as payment processing, document management or Google app compatibility.  This is troubling, as Yendo provides developer APIs.
  • The international currencies means manually having to manage your business’s tax rates, edit your numeric chart of accounts, and define your personal ledgers. The flexibility makes it very overwhelming for inexperienced accountants.
$19 (£11) a month


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